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( 28-30 August 2024)

The unconventional way of making the most out of three days and a large group of amazing people

The what:

ALE is an Unconference, that means it does not have (or has very limited) predefined program with invited speakers. Program is created on the fly in the morning of conference days and all participants can be speakers!

The how:

Open Space Technology makes it possible to include everybody in constructing the agenda of the day. This ensures that the agenda contains items that are important to the attendees. Having cocreated the schedule of the day and being free to follow their curiosity and passion, people will take action to create the best experience for themselves.

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This year's theme:

The Ark

The theme for this year is “The Ark” – and it will challenge all the community to think about what to bring along and keep for the future and what to leave behind or let go of with regards to agility and lean practices.