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Day0 Speakers ( 27 August 2024)

#MobAI - You have no Boss, your Boss is Data. What I learned working with AI at Tesla

Joe Justice

TED.com speaker, guest lecturer at both MIT and Oxford University in England, featured in Forbes 5 times to date including as owner of a "Company to watch" by Forbes Billionaire Club, cited in more than 8 business paperbacks and hardcovers, the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary for his work creating the disciplines Extreme Manufacturing, Scrum@Hardware, and The Justice Method. Joe Justice founded WIKISPEED and operated Agile@Tesla from Tesla's Fremont, California global headquarters.


Live Drunk Agile Podcast session together with Prateek Singh and Colleen Johnson

Prateek Singh

Prateek Singh has been leading and working on agile teams for almost two decades. Starting with XP, then Scrum and now working in a Kanban system, He has gained a breadth and depth of knowledge regarding agile techniques, practices, and implementation principles. Prateek has played the role of Software Engineer, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Manager of Software Engineering, Director of Engineering, and Director of Business Agility in his career. Prateek is currently the Head of Learning and Development at ProKanban.org and an Independent Consultant. He is also the co-host of the Drunk Agile podcast.


Colleen Johnson

CEO of ProKanban.org, an inclusive Kanban learning community. She is also co-founder of ScatterSpoke, a proud Atlassian Ventures Portfolio company driving actionable improvements through retrospective data.


Workshop: The magic of facilitation

About the Workshop:  Ultimately, when we look at facilitation, it's all about making the work easier for those who do the work. If that's the case, how can we hold the space for people to speak up, to express their views on something? What if - in order to become a great facilitator - we had to become experts in not-knowing?
Join us in this Day0 workshop to experience what facilitation looks like when we let the participants take control. The magic that occurs when we liberate them from the forces of oppression of tightly-knit workshops. Let's explore how we can be ready for anything that happens, bring it back to the group and let the group own up the results of the workshops... and the magic that sparks out of that.

Charles-Louis de Maere

Charles-Louis de Maere’s mission is to make the world a better place one step at a time by reducing frustration levels in the workplace. His main area of expertise is in the field of human relationships.
As a trainer/facilitator, Charles-Louis strongly believes people learn at their best when they are given the space to experiment and start important conversations. Although he has a fair idea of how to initially structure a training or workshop, he ensures there's space for participants to refine the objective of the day - continuously adapting the structure to their needs.


Workshop: Flip the Script - Change How You Navigate Change

About the Workshop:

Wouldn’t it be awesome if every involuntary, unexpected change happening in your world today could be seen and acted upon as an opportunity?

In this Day 0 ALE’24 workshop, we will build your awareness around cultivating a “Flux Mindset” and introduce you to the 8 superpowers that support flipping conventional ideas about leadership, success, and well-being on their heads. You’ll learn to write a new script, making practices like “letting go of the future”, “running slower”, and “building a career portfolio”, your new way of seeing and working in the world.

Gain a competitive edge by transforming unexpected changes into strategic advantages, allowing you and your team to thrive in uncertainty. Develop a mindset that not only endures but flourishes amidst chaos, making you a more effective leader, team player, or facilitator. Enhance your agility to embrace change as an individual, team, or organization by mastering Flux.

This introductory training is the first step in mastering a new mindset around change and taster for an upcoming online master class.

Join us to turn the chaos of rapid change into your competitive advantage!

Susanne & Sylvia Taylor


Susanne and Sylvia are twin change agents who embody complementary expertise and a shared passion for catalyzing transformation in the corporate landscape.

Sylvia brings over 25 years of invaluable experience from the corporate arena, having navigated global communication and tech giants such as Microsoft and T-Mobile. Her expertise in leadership development and Agile change transformations extends to European scale-ups including Zalando, Argo, and wefox. Sylvia is currently dedicated to enhancing adaptability intelligence (AQ) among her clients, equipping organizations to thrive amidst rapid, continuous change.

Susanne, on the other hand, has carved a path as an independent consultant specializing in culture change and communication initiatives. Her diverse portfolio includes restructuring endeavors at Microsoft, Siemens, and Sandoz, as well as collaborations with numerous innovative startups in the medical and fintech sectors. Susanne is currently supporting people who are committed to shaping companies in a way that allows them to do meaningful work. (#newwork).

Workshop: Storytelling - Coming Alive in Budapest!

About the Workshop: Firstly, it is intended to welcome you to this fascinating city and help you get started with exploring it. We will be using an amazing piece of Hungarian literature to get familiar with the Hungarian capital. Budapest is a spectacular place — you will surely enjoy some of its shops, pubs and public spaces.

But there is more to it: there is something in Budapest that will rejuvenate and invigorate —there is something in the city that will make you come alive as it happened to the main character of our story. So let’s explore that: what is it that helps us come alive and come together in the centre of Europe — join us to find out.

Gabor Bittera

Gabor was born and bred in Budapest. He was 35 when he decided to settle in the UK with his family, but ever since he has been working hard to create a bridge between his hometown and the international agile community through stories and literature from Hungary.He is a keen coach and facilitator who tends to use stories as a starting point to trigger people thinking in metaphors, getting them to connect, explore, dive deep, collaborate and co-create, and this workshop will be no exception.


ProKanban Workshops by ProKanban Trainers:

Workshop:"Dr. Little or: How I Learned to Stop Estimating and Love the Forecast"!

In most environments, someone will eventually ask: "When will it be done". To answer this question, there are several practices: Absolute Estimates (like ideal days), Relative Estimates (like Story Points), and probabilistic Forecasts based on historical performance data. In this workshop, you'll explore the pros and cons of each of the approaches. Furthermore you'll get an introduction into probabilistic forecasting and will experience hands-on how this works. Join us for an interactive and insightful journey into the world of forecasting! Discover how to transform your approach to planning. Let's explore together and uncover the magic of probabilistic forecasting!


Benjamin Huser-Berta

Professional Scrum Master | Head of Processes, Quality, and Memes

Margaux Fiche

Head of Customer Experience at 55 Degrees AB and PKT

Workshop: Kanban Mythbusters

Did you know that there are no timeboxes in Kanban? You might immediately say "Yes, of course, I knew that!". But are you sure that's true? Would you bet on that? In this interactive workshop, you will explore various myths about Kanban and uncover the truth about them. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, this workshop offers insights to anyone. Join us and bust some myths! Take your Kanban knowledge to the next level!


Benjamin Huser-Berta

Professional Scrum Master | Head of Processes, Quality, and Memes

Agnieszka Reginek

Professional Kanban Trainer | Scrum Master

Workshop: Unclutter your Board with us

Making work visible is a power! The Power of choice , the power of clarity, the power of informational radiation. How can we move our paradigm to unleash this power? Let’s find out together! If you would like to know what more  the world can offer than: Jira Workflows, Todo-Doing-Done, expedites, blocked columns you should come to this experience.



Maria Chec

Agile Leader | YT @AgileStateOfMind | Professional Kanban Trainer |

Akos Szilagyi

Agile Sailor | Aspiring Captain Kanban | Scrum MC | Keynote listener

Workshop: Building Bridges over creating Walls - Scrum & Kanban better together

It’s not Scrum vs Kanban! It is Scrum (better) with Kanban! Our primary objective is to help participants connect and understand expectations how Scrum and Kanban ment to work together. Through interactive sessions we will create a shared understanding. We will explore the potential synergies of using Scrum and Kanban together, offering real-world examples and case studies.

Participants will have the opportunity to practice applying these concepts in a real use case, engaging in simulations and role-playing exercises to visualize how Scrum and Kanban can be integrated in their contexts. By the end you will be able to develop action plans to apply what you have learned in your  teams and organizations. Join us to transform your workflow and enhance your productivity with the powerful combination of Scrum and Kanban!


Nagesh Sharma

PST I Flight Levels Guide & Coach I ProKanban PKT-E I SPC | TBR-CT I Co-Founder & CEO at Flowsphere

Maria Chec

Agile Leader | YT @AgileStateOfMind | Professional Kanban Trainer |

Jose Coignard

ProKanban Trainer @ Caisse des Dépôts | Flow Optimization

Uncover the magic behind probabilistic thinking! In this workshop, we demystify deterministic illusions and equip you with forecasting superpowers. Learn the three golden rules of forecasting, and discover how to shift the mindset.


Agnieszka Reginek

Professional Kanban Trainer | Scrum Master

Agnieszka Cieslawska

Head of Agile at Volt.io - real-time payments everywhere || Trainer || Facilitator || Mentor

Workshop: Navigating Uncertainty