You're invited to take part in the ALE Unconference, where you have the power to address the topics in Agile & Lean Software Development that interest you most.

Power Transformance

We'll create our program together in Zurich during this gathering which connects 300 thought-leaders, practitioners, and partners in Europe's network for Agile & Lean Software Development. Open Space provides enough spontaneous structure to get started.  

With an open program, we rely on a guiding theme. Explore the meaning and impact of Agile & Lean Power Transformance for your specific business and community needs.

Read more about the open space program.


I come to ALE to recharge my batteries on my journey to agility.

Inge Gorgon

Agile Coach

ALE is one of the most influential events on Agility and an amazing opportunity to connect with the community and the relationships I have built from attending it

Frederico Figueiredo

Agile, Lean, and UX Evangelist

It's a special thing to go to ALE for a third time knowing you'll get to see all of the awesome ALE people!

Ornela Vasiliauskaite

Agile Coach
judy rees

ALE is brilliant: buzzing with new ideas, learning and connections. The deeper value emerged later, as relationships forged there led to all kinds of collaborations and projects over the following 12 months.

Judy Rees

remote conversation transformer

I am so proud that this self-organised conference has been running for eight years now and that every year we learn new things, integrate with new tribes and discover new stuff ... it’s like a family gathering where only the relatives come whom you love ... and they all want to work on the stuff that gets you out of bed every day.

Olaf Lewitz

Trust Artist

I come to ALE to experience how lean is applied in different areas of our lives and meet people that can tell me about it.

Markéta Čonka

Software Engineer

I am coming to ALE 4th year in a row. The atmosphere of cool people and the format of Open Space is what makes me come again. Awesome way to interact and learn!

Ivo Peksens

Change Agent
Profile Pic Emel Siegel

ALE means for me:

meeting interesting new people, being inspired by the topics and having fun.

elated to see you there 🙂

Emel Siegel

Scrum Master

Join the ALE 2018! The Agile Lean Europe Unconference connects 300 thought-leaders, practitioners, and partners in Zurich, Switzerland taking place 22-24 August 2018. Registration is open.

• Business Leaders  Product Owners Coaches QA Developers HR Educators Learners  Startups • You 

Check-out the outline for each day right here.

This conference is different. We have a guiding theme, but we don't have a fixed program. You will create the program and agenda together at the event. The program will emerge around your business needs and our theme.

In the next days, we will begin announcing  Seed sessions' which are our  keynotes, short talks & workshops prepared in advance. We'll channel a very small stream of these sessions to trickle through the open space. If you choose to cultivate the idea seeds they will grow to entwine with your ideas emerging in the Open Space program.


Choose from all sorts of accomodation – Zürich has plenty of options to offer. Try our couch-surfing market!

Recent Updates

Holding Space for Change

In Our Closing Keynote, Deb Preuss asks: "What happens when you take the excitement of learning at ALE back to your workplace?" The new practices you've learned can help, but the real magic lies in making room for new ways to take root - facilitators call it "holding space."

New Seed Sessions for the ALE18 Program

Introducing 5 new seed sessions...

kanban, visualisation, measurement, inclusion, transformation, & lean benchmarking

Doing not Talking: an Experiential Keynote

Adam St. Lawrence and Markus Hormess, (co-authors This is Service Design Doing) will deliver an experiential keynote using business methods drawn from the professional theatre.

Some keynotes you hear. This keynote you will do.

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It isn’t all chocolate and finance industry. In fact, there’s a lot of mediterranean flair to this pocket-size metropolis. And boat loads of things to do while you’re here.

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