Your Ticket

ALE18 is coming and it will be fantastic! Be part of it! Here’s the right ticket for you. Order now to secure your spot – and to support the organisation and preparation of the event. Thank you!

Why Should I Join?

Last years’ attendees include an amazingly diverse crowd of 250 change makers, Lean thinkers, Agile practicitioners, Scrum coaches and many more things they are – including 23 youth, travelling with their parents to experience the spirit of ALE and share their ideas, thoughts, questions and friendship.

Batteries Included!

Your ALE ticket includes lunch and coffee breaks – combine this with an invaluable opportunity to make deep connections to the pioneering Europe-wide community of agilists to learn with and from, and you get a package that is impossible to beat.

There’s no need to beat it, either. Please join the crowd – you are very welcome!

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