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ALE'24 Tickets Guide

We created the ALE collective on Open Collective. This year you do not technically buy a ticket, but contribute to the collective and attend ALE as a member.

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     Open Collective: a Platform that provides cobudgeting and financial capabilities. The website itself.

     Open Collective Europe: an umbrella organization that provides financial hosting and legal entity for ALE

     ALE Collective: the hosted collective itself, where members gather to contribute to the cause

    Addig Payment Details

    If you need your receipt with company data, you need to register on Open Collective and record that data in your profile settings! You will not get these data (company address, VAT number) as a guest!
    (But you can also add these after you paid as a guest and download a new receipt)

    After you registered and logged in, find the Settings Menu:


    In the Info, fill address and VAT number.
    Contact us before your payment if you cannot see this field and need it.


    Payment without OC Tip

    If you click on Contribute, you will get to the payment. The website will add a "platform tip" to your sum. You are free to support the Open Collective platform, but it has nothing to do with ALE or the organizers. So edit this amount if you choose not to donate to Open Collective:


    If you happen to add an unintended Tip, let us know and we can refund it and you can try again.




    Payment Receipt

    The Receipt will be mailed to you and you will be able to download it from your OC profile as well.
    If you edit your details (name, address, vat, etc) the receipt will have your updated details.