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On August 22nd, one day before the ALE Unconference, we will host hands-on workshops brought to you by the ALE community.


We going to have 6 tracks of workshops running in parallel. Workshops have limited space. Registration is already open!

If you want to join Pre-ALE workshop day, please select a bundle ticket price (ALE Unconference + Pre-ALE workshops) from the drop down on ticketing system.

If you already have ALE Unconference event ticket, but would like to join pre-ALE workshops day, you can buy ticket by following this link.

Build your own value - pick your workshops and grow your skills!

8:30 Registration

– Full day workshops – 

9:00 EventStorming by Marco Heimeshoff (8h)

9:00 Flip the Script - Thriving in constant change by Sylvia and Susanne Taylor (8 h)

– Morning workshops – 

9:00 Systems Thinking for Agile Practitioners by Denis Salnikov (2 h)

9:00 Decision making methods in action by Markus Wissekal (2 h)

9:00 DeAgile - easy way to build your own Agile framework by Gražvydas Šedys (3 h)

9:00 Dancing like a facilitator by Charles-Louis de Maere (3 h)

12:00 Lunch

– Afternoon workshops – 

13:00 Change by design by Jakub Perlak (4 h)

13:00 Creating product hypotheses and experiments with Lean UX Canvas by Zoltán Dósa (4 h)

13:00 Developing business resilience in practice by Angel Diaz-Maroto (4 h)

13:00 Agile Transformation: create your own roadmap by Aliaksei Aliakseyeu (3 h)

17:00 End of day

EventStorming by Marco Heimeshoff

EventStorming is the leading collaborative modeling method in Domain-Driven Design. Domain experts and developers model collaboratively to build a shared understanding of the domain and explore and propose multiple solutions. It is a lightweight and lo-fi method for understanding the big picture of a domain, to model processes that satisfy every stakeholder's needs, and even designing a domain-driven software structure.

In this workshop, we will discover domain flow and boundaries in a Big Picture EventStorming workshop and drill down into core behavior with Process Modelling.

Duration: 8 hours

Flip the Script - Thriving in constant change by Sylvia and Susanne Taylor

Duration: 8 hours

Wouldn’t it be awesome if each involuntary, unexpected change happening in your world today, could be seen and acted upon as an opportunity?

We want to help you craft a new response to change, from the inside out. One that helps us all stay grounded when everything around us is shifting.

Using the theme of the conference, we will co-create ways to cultivate our “flux mindset”, and develop our “8 superpowers” to support flipping our conventional ideas about leadership, success, and well-being on their heads.

This workshop will use revolutionary new concepts to explore how we can apply the 8 super powers to our ideas and understanding of change on an individual, team and organizational levels. You will learn to write a new script so that things like letting go of the future, running slower, and knowing how to enjoy getting lost will become your new way of seeing and working in the world. All so you can flux and be in flow during involuntary, unexpected change.

We’ll use Liberating Structures to playfully discover, and craft how to approach and integrate these 8 superpowers into our everyday lives so that change is no longer something we fear, but a time we can thrive.

Change by design by Jakub Perlak

We all face challenges at work, sometimes small, sometimes overwhelmingly big. How to tackle them? Well... there is no silver bullet. However, you can try co-working on potential solutions with others, applying a deep understanding of the human needs behind the challenge in an iterative way. Interesting? This workshop uses the surprising power of Design Thinking through co-creating prototypes for solving even the most wicked challenges like those at your work.

Duration: 4 hours

Creating product hypotheses and experiments with Lean UX Canvas by Zoltán Dósa

Duration: 4 hours

In this workshop, participants learn how to create discovery items into their product backlog - by creating hypotheses and experiments. We will use the Lean UX canvas to go from a problem statement through outcomes, users, solutions to experiments. We will identify risks, and come up with a flexible approach on how to think about a product problem in a way that integrates with agility and scrum itself.

Systems Thinking for Agile Practitioners by Denis Salnikov

Hundreds if not thousands of Agile implementations have been side-tracked or completely undermined due to impending organizational structures or policies. Quite often, challenging those is not what Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches get “hired for''.

But what if the organization needs to change to enable Inspection & Adaptation and achieve sustainable agility? Or you need to help the Team to see its current state from a side? What can be the Agile practitioner’s “secret weapon” empowering them to challenge the status quo? If I had to choose one, my answer would be “Systems Thinking”.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Get to know the condensed ideas and laws of Systems Thinking
  • Discover how modeling observed Systems Dynamics together with decision-makers and stakeholders creates space for often avoided conversations and allows Change Agents to speak truth to power
  • Try out Systems Modelling in practice (lots of practice!)
  • Learn some tips & tricks on how to kick off Systems Thinking Katas at your workplace to achieve sustainable change.

Duration: 2 hours

Decision making methods in action by Markus Wissekal

Duration: 2 hours

Most of us have heard that the decisions of an autocrat (or manager) might not always be the best to address complex environments. Luckily we have found other means of decision-making in groups throughout the years. from "democratic" consens, to consent, to consultative, commission based or any other decision making methods you can find out there. These methods sound much better than having a dictator and promise more involvement of the team. Yet how do you know if the method you chose in your team/department/company is well suited for the task? - absolutely right.

By experimenting and seeing/feeling different decision making methods in action. I'll create an environment where you create products for an ever changing market in a time bound setting - while using/trying the decision making method of your choice.

DeAgile - easy way to build your own Agile framework by Gražvydas Šedys

Probably all of us know or at least have heard at least a dozen of different Agile frameworks. We all know Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, SAFe, LeSS, SoS, etc. But while working with Agile for more than 8 years I noticed that it is rare that organizations or teams adopt those frameworks fully by the book. And it is natural as different companies work in different markets, have different histories and organizational set-up. So, exceptions to the rules start to be applied which hinders the adoption of those frameworks. So, after witnessing quite a few of these kinds of cases I decided to create a way of empowering organizations to construct an Agile framework that works best for them. In other words, I deconstructed Agile into Lego-like pieces (just following some patterns) and presented those pieces for everyone. Now anyone can build up a framework of their own. And not only build it once: you can always scale it, change it, adopt it as you see fit.

During the Workshop together with participants we will learn those patterns and elements and will work to construct our own, completely new and tailor made Agile frameworks.

Duration: 3 hours

Developing business resilience in practice by Angel Diaz-Maroto

Duration: 4 hours

Many organizations around the world are learning that in order to ensure the continuity of a business, Agility is mandatory but not sufficient.  Building Resilience must be a key factor in the organizational strategy.

In this workshop you will learn a simple and effective framework to develop business resilience in your organization. As part of this framework, I will explain how to use foresight thinking and run crisis simulations and how those simulations help organizations not only to be prepared to overcome extreme changes in the market and adapt more quickly to new conditions, but also to become the disruptive change within the market.

What will a new crisis bring to your business? Is your company ready for the next disruption? Did you decide to build resilience and get ready, or to accept the cost of not being ready?

Dancing like a facilitator by Charles-Louis de Maere

In the agile space, we usually talk about the Scrum Master, the Agile Coach as facilitators. And when Product Owners need to align with stakeholders on what's important in building a product, we probably also expect them to facilitate the exchanges. So what is this facilitation all about? How does it mean to facilitate a group process towards a tangible outcome? What tips, tricks and techniques can we use to make it as effective as possible, maximizing contribution and ownership? And, perhaps more importantly, how can we adapt our facilitation in real-time, just like some smooth dance moves, to adjust to what's happening with the group?

In this workshop, we'll learn about facilitation while doing it. We'll explore different options for letting people "figure it out" together, while exploring the conditions for success. We'll uncover the traps of seeing facilitation as "just a string of exercises and activities one after the other" and see how powerful the right choice of the right activity can be.

This is open to anyone who works with other humans, and you will leave the session with some ideas of implementing what we've seen in your own context.

Duration: 3 hours

Agile Transformation: create your own roadmap by Aliaksei Aliakseyeu

Duration: 3 hours

Agile transformation is more than just adopting a methodology; it's a change in organisational work and mindset that fosters collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement. In this workshop, we will explore the benefits of agile transformation and provide practical tips for successfully implementing agile practices in your organisation. From creating a roadmap to establishing a culture of agility, this workshop will equip you with the tools and knowledge to transform team's or organisation's way of working.