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Driving to ALE 2021 Riga


Do you live in Latvia or in the neighborhood, like Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus or Poland? Or maybe even Germany, Czech Republic or Ukraine?

Well, you might prefer to drive to the ALE 2021.

From Sweden and Germany travellers by car can take a ferry, thereby avoiding long road-trips. For ferry options check Silja Line and Stena Line.

There is free parking available at the venue.


Upon entering Latvia from Lithuania and Estonia, there is no border control since, just like Latvia, these Baltic States adhere to the Schengen Agreement. However, upon entering Latvia from Russia and Belarus, you must pass through border control.


And here goes some directions to the ALE 2021 Riga venue.

We suggest you to download Waze or Google Maps and type the venue title:

RISEBA Arhitektūras un mediju centrs H2O 6

or address:

4 Durbes iela, Kurzemes rajons, Rīga, Latvia, LV-1007