About the workshop
Firstly, it is intended to welcome you to this fascinating city and help you get started with exploring it. We will be using an amazing piece of Hungarian literature to get familiar with the Hungarian capital. Budapest is a spectacular place — you will surely enjoy some of its shops, pubs and public spaces.
But there is more to it: there is something in Budapest that will rejuvenate and invigorate —there is something in the city that will make you come alive as it happened to the main character of our story. So let’s explore that: what is it that helps us come alive and come together in the centre of Europe — join us to find out.
About the facilitator
Gabor was born and bred in Budapest. He was 35 when he decided to settle in the UK with his family, but ever since he has been working hard to create a bridge between his hometown and the international agile community through stories and literature from Hungary.
He is a keen coach and facilitator who tends to use stories as a starting point to trigger people thinking in metaphors, getting them to connect, explore, dive deep, collaborate and co-create, and this workshop will be no exception.

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