Wouldn’t it be awesome if every involuntary, unexpected change happening in your world today could be seen and acted upon as an opportunity?

In this Day 0 ALE’24 workshop, we will build your awareness around cultivating a “Flux Mindset” and introduce you to the 8 superpowers that support flipping conventional ideas about leadership, success, and well-being on their heads. You’ll learn to write a new script, making practices like “letting go of the future”, “running slower”, and “building a career portfolio”, your new way of seeing and working in the world.

Gain a competitive edge by transforming unexpected changes into strategic advantages, allowing you and your team to thrive in uncertainty. Develop a mindset that not only endures but flourishes amidst chaos, making you a more effective leader, team player, or facilitator. Enhance your agility to embrace change as an individual, team, or organization by mastering Flux.

This introductory training is the first step in mastering a new mindset around change and taster for an upcoming online master class.

Join us to turn the chaos of rapid change into your competitive advantage!

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