The magic of facilitation

About the Workshop: Ultimately, when we look at facilitation, it’s all about making the work easier for those who do the work. If that’s the case, how can we hold the space for people to speak up, to express their views on something? What if – in order to become a great facilitator – we had to become experts in not-knowing?
Join us in this Day0 workshop to experience what facilitation looks like when we let the participants take control. The magic that occurs when we liberate them from the forces of oppression of tightly-knit workshops. Let’s explore how we can be ready for anything that happens, bring it back to the group and let the group own up the results of the workshops… and the magic that sparks out of that.
Aida Adomaitė – Even though she has spent the last 15 years in the IT world, Aida brings a dynamic and human-centered approach to her work. With 12 of those years in leadership roles at Barclays, Danske Bank, and now Vinted, she is passionate about collaborating with people to achieve extraordinary results. Facilitation has always been a key part of her role, and she constantly explores fun and engaging ways to enhance this skill. After completing Charles-Louis de Maere cohort’s program on facilitation, she discovered a transformative approach that eases the mind from control, fully embraces the unexpected, and delights in the magic that happens.

Charles-Louis de Maere’s
 mission is to make the world a better place one step at a time by reducing frustration levels in the workplace. His main area of expertise is in the field of human relationships.

As a trainer/facilitator, Charles-Louis strongly believes people learn at their best when they are given the space to experiment and start important conversations. Although he has a fair idea of how to initially structure a training or workshop, he ensures there’s space for participants to refine the objective of the day – continuously adapting the structure to their needs.

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