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Here is a challenge: what would you update in the Agile Manifesto?

Following some discussions related with the massive adoption of the Agile Manifesto beyond software, we believe that a constructive discussion could be held to update what is the most influential and disruptive way of working in the 21st century.

Inspired by the inspect&adapt mindset, there is a question: what should be the next steps? What should we improve?

Some of the Agile Manifesto original authors already shown the will on keep evolving and that they have some concerns about the current state of Agile. Here some examples (just to mention a few):

In 2018, three strong articles that made some buzz:

Guiding theme of the ALE 2019

The theme of the ALE 2019 Unconference, which will be held in Porto city from 21 to 23 August, in Portugal, is Re-All Agile, which means: Re-Think AgileRe-Set Agile for All beyond software, Re-New Agile for the fast changes of this century, Re-Write Agile Manifesto for the current reality, Agile for All in or out of software development.

Software is not built in the same way as it was in the 90’s. There is no such thing as IT department that implements some applications or website disconnected from the rest of the company.

Today, ALL businesses are supported by technology, where software needs to be implemented.
Technology is part of ALL businesses.
In fact, the future it might be that code is written by machines, which is a reality already for some small percentage.

The team that is responsible to organize the ALE 2019 Unconference in Porto is setting the bar extremely high: reunite the Agile Manifesto authors and Agile communities to achieve a ReAll Agile Declaration.

Our objective is, by the end of the event, to have an updated Agile Manifesto version.
A version that goes beyond the software development and will bring everyone the inspiration and possibility to create an Agile Mindset that will thrive them to new ways of facing challenges and delivering value to all they do.

It is not possible to do this without having you, so please JOIN US, in Porto from 21 to 23 August!