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Show some leadership or it will not happen!


Marjoke Franken

I named my company Beyond Work, because to me and I believe to most people, work is never just work.
I show up at work and everywhere as a whole human being, with all I have to give.

As an organisational change coach I invite those I work with to be more aware of how they show up at work, believing the awareness affects them as a whole.
I love to work with people, teams and organisations to help them regain ownership and authorship of their own story and help them see what is really going on.

I make use of the thoughts and principles of Lean and Agile thinking and I am a certified Semco Style Consultant.

Organizational Agility - 23rd August

Show some leadership or it will not happen!

Why agile or any change whatsoever is not going to last if you don't invite everyone to stand up and show the leader within.

Agile is failing in so many companies.
This is one of the results of agile being sold or bought as silver bullet, that will make companies future proof.

It helps us change behavior of many... but it doesn't bring us the change we actually need in order to survive the possibly disruptive future.

If culture and mindset isn't touched by inviting everyone involved to show their personal leadership, it is failure on demand.

Interactive Presentation - 40 min + 10 min Q&A