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Dave at Agile India - Dave Rooney

Dave Rooney

Dave Rooney is a veteran Agile Coach, manager and developer who has been at this software thing since the 80’s.

He has a deep interest in the human factors involved in the effective delivery of software that delights its customers, and in promoting practices that make the work environment both more humane and fun.

More than 35 years after he solved his first real-world problem on an Apple, Dave still enjoys getting his “hands dirty” by writing code!

Agile Practices - 23rd August


Is a defined process really needed to successfully deliver software? Let's explore what the world looks like when you dispense with the assumption that you need a process to start!

You may have heard about the #NoEstimates movement, and even #NoProjects. Both of those are keen to examine the assumptions behind two key aspects of delivering software. But what about the process itself? Do we even need approaches like Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, or Extreme Programming in order to be successful? Is following a pre-defined process helpful at all? Is there a simpler way to be effective?

This session starts with two key principles common to all successful software delivery approaches, and builds out from there based on the experience of the participants. Like #NoEstimates and #NoProjects, the name doesn’t really mean to eliminate process altogether, but rather to build a process that works for your team in your business domain with your technology stack.

They key outcome from this session is that a group doesn’t necessarily need to begin with a “canned” process such as Scrum, SAFe, LESS, DAD, etc., but rather can start with nothing but two key principles and build out from there. The result will be a process that’s completely tailored to each individual team or group and actually works with them rather than impeding them.

This session is intended for anyone with an interest in the process of delivering software. It will be of particular interest to managers and executives who oversee software development teams and programs.

Presentation - 20 min + 5 min Q&A