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Principle: Sustainability

10th June 2018 by Timo


Agile and Lean is all about making people’s work lives better: To allow everyone to be fully present at work. We build projects around individuals. We let them form self-organising, trusted teams. As ALE community, in particular, we care for each other and for helping others uncovering better ways.

This care obviously cannot end at the borders of our community – if only because it doesn’t have any. Going at a sustainable pace that can potentially be kept ad infinitum therefore undoubtedly must include our environment.

So what can we do? As organisers we started out by placing the event at a location that is in comfortable walking distance to one of Europe’s best connected railway stations, with direct connections from Berlin, Prague, Paris – hello returning local participants 🙂 – but of course also Hamburg, Vienna, Milan and many others. How’s that for a chance to save a fossil?

In the same spirit we are approaching all the other things, small and not-so, from regional food (with a twist, stay tuned!) all the way to refillable markers. Will we be perfect? No way. But we’ll sure be uncovering better ways!

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