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ALEsome Workshops & MasterClasses for ALEsome People

The first day of ALE2022, August 24th, will be dedicated to workshops and masterclasses. Workshop ticket allows you to attend 2 workshops, each 3.5 hours long and in 4 parallel tracks.

Workshops have limited space (60 seats) so first buy first in line.

Build your own value - pick your workshops and grow your skills!


Call for ALEsome Speakers !

We’re focused on bringing together Lean Agile practitioners and learners from around the world.

We are interested in success stories, failure stories, practical applications and interesting ideas, new approaches ...

Whether you’re an experienced or first-time speaker, we encourage you to submit your proposal no later than 11:59pm CET June 1st, 2022.

Workshop & Masterclasses topics of particular interest are:

  • Lean and agile in the organizations
  • Lean and agile in practices and techniques
  • Leadership perspectives.
  • Lean agile culture and mindset
  • Facilitator  and coaching skills and practices

Do not feel limited to the topics above. We are constantly looking for new ideas. We are particularly interested in ideas generated in the intersection between different areas of interest.

Our goal is to produce the best experience for all attendees, including you 🙂

We want to give the speaker flexibility to build and deliver a tremendous workshop. Furthermore, we want you to have a great experience working with us as well : you will be supported by the organisation team all through the journey !

English is the primary language for the event, but we have an opportunity to provide translation capabilities.

If English is not your primary language, don’t let this stop you from submitting a proposal! Our goal is to make this a diverse and inclusive event, and we will help you and find together a solution !


Speaker Remuneration

For presenting at ALE2022 all speakers selected for the Pre-ALE workshops can ask for  a €550 honorarium and one complimentary Access Pass to the event.

Workshop sessions can have one co-facilitator, and both the workshop leader and co-facilitator can claim speaker remuneration.

Group therapy support meeting talking about their mental health in a modern mental health facility

What is our Review Process?

The organisation team uses a fair and thoughtful process to review all submissions. This includes having multiple reviewers go over each submission.

We can provide you feedback to improve the topics, so not hesitate to ask for feedback, and make improvements based on the reviewer’s suggestions. This will increase your chances of being selected.