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Be part of the ALE Family as a Couchsurfer!

11th July 2018 by Markus Broder


ALE 2018 in Zürich is a great opportunity to meet new people.

"Whoever comes is the right people."

That's key to our open space program, which means we have to remove all impediments for whoever to come—especially if that's you!

Prices for accomodation in Zürich are on the higher end, which why we're introducting a couchsurfing market online!

Use our couchsurfing market to:

  • Offer your couch in the Greater Zurich Area for the days of the conference.
  • Or, Request a couch, if you are traveling to us.
  • Then, meet over the couch surfing marketplace and make the arrangments.

This is another way to connect the ALE community by offering this space for visitors to meet locals in the agile & lean community.  What a chance to get to know each other personally.

Spread the word

Thank you for spreading the word and make the event great for the whole community!

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